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I believe that the fundamental work—and gift—of therapy is to assist you in deepening self-knowledge so that you can begin to make meaningful choices that lead to more authentic ways of being and relating in your life.


As a therapist it is a privilege to guide you through this process, together exploring underlying meanings that influence your daily interactions and emotional experiences in order to increase insight and create new pathways for growth. Through careful listening, emotional attunement, and curiosity, a capacity for deepened self-awareness and integration can occur, leading to transformation and enduring change.


Over time, I have seen that a sense of aliveness can emerge from therapy as a person begins to relate to their life with increased self-compassion, trust, and creativity, rather than feeling controlled by anxiety, self-doubt, or depression. I believe that at the core of this process is the therapeutic relationship itself. In an atmosphere of respect, a range of thoughts and feelings can be shared and explored non-judgmentally, developing mutual trust through being in the unknown together.


I consider the therapeutic relationship a vital medium for generating insight and creative potential, and I value the ways in which our interactions may reveal new and previously unknown aspects of your emotional life.


Through collaborative conversations we will make meaning of your unique and multi-faceted life narrative. I believe that through conscious authoring of life stories one can begin to envision new, more expansive directions in living.


My passion for writing and artistic expression informs my thinking and I value the exploration of metaphors, dreams, and other non-verbal forms of communication in our work together. In addition, I bring an extensive background in mindfulness practice to the therapeutic field, assisting you to relate to the breadth of your emotional experiences from a place of greater curiosity and compassion, rather than self-judgement and shame.


Ultimately, it is my deep hope that the therapeutic relationship offer a source of empowerment, so that you can approach your life on terms that genuinely honor your unique vitality and authentic sense of self in the world.


"Eva brings a rare depth of thoughtfulness and keen insight to each of her interactions. I have been continually impressed with her ability to hold complexity with compassion and curiosity in all her relationships. She is a gifted therapist in every sense."

                 Katherine Tarnoff, LMFT


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