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Individual Adults

As a relational psychotherapist I believe that healing happens in the context of a safe, authentic, and trusting relationship. To our interactions I bring a compassionate and collaborative presence, attending to your experiences from a place of genuine curiosity.


Together we will explore the terrain of your internal experience: the parts that are well-known and the parts that are less known, increasing opportunity to become more familiar with the latter. As a culturally-informed therapist, I pay careful attention to how inner emotional life and identity develops in relationship to environment, family of origin, and cultural influences and expectations.


Given the opportunity to share and explore a multitude of feelings, thoughts, vulnerabilities and desires in the context of a non-judgemental and trusting relationship, you will be able to get in touch with deeper aspects of who you know yourself to be. Therapy is a dynamic process of understanding the complexity of your experience so as to clarify what you value, integrate who you are and ultimately, translate growing awareness into your daily way of being and engaging in the world.


I treat a wide range of issues and welcome clients of diverse identities into my practice. Some of my specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:


  • Anxiety and stress management

  • Relational difficulties with family members, intimate partners, friends or colleagues

  • Life transitions, loss and new beginnings

  • Bisexual, lesbian, gay, and queer identity development and relationships

  • Seeking life meaning and purpose; career transitions

  • Acculturation; immigrant and refugee issues

  • Therapists-in-training

  • Living with chronic illness

  • Quarter-life crisis (see Young Adults)

  • Creativity and the creative process (see Artists and Writers)





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