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Adolescence is invariably a critical time for identity development as teens navigate the threshold between childhood and young adulthood.


As a therapist I am dedicated to providing a safe and collaborative space for adolescents to sort through their thoughts, feelings, and decisions in the presence of a supportive and neutral adult. Akin to a rite of passage, therapy can provide teens with a stable and consistent form of containment to wrestle with themes of independence and dependence, ultimately to emerge a more self-reflective and confident young adult.


As a mindful and compassionate guide, I have seen countless teens cultivate their capacity for introspection and critical thinking, learning to articulate their needs and make decisions for their future based on a healthy self-image.


In addition to working as an on-site therapist in high school counseling centers, I also have years of experience as a college application coach, helping juniors and seniors to self-reflect and develop meaningful personal statements.


Some of my specific areas of interest and treatment include, but are not limited to:


  • Anxiety, shyness, or difficulties in social interactions

  • Academic struggle and/or managing school stress

  • Depression and self-esteem

  • Emerging questions around identity formation including gender and sexual orientation issues

  • Relational difficulties with peers and/or family members

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