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Artists and Writers

Consciously shaping a life which supports and nurtures one's creativity can be a daunting challenge. As an artist, writer, photographer, or dancer you are drawn to the relationship between inner and outer worlds, translating intellectual and emotional undercurrents into language, visual expression, metaphor or movement. Within the creative process people can often find themselves feeling isolated, stuck, or seized by self-doubt. There are conflicts of calling versus career, structure versus independence, the need for connection with others and the need for solitude.


I view psychotherapy as a dynamic and highly creative endeavor that cannot only contribute to the emotional aliveness of the artist's personal life, but also to the vitality of the artistic process at hand. After all, authentic self-expression and emotional responsiveness are both shared goals of therapy and artistic work.


I am dedicated to working with artists, writers, and makers of all kinds to navigate the myriad challenges of living a creative life, including balancing multiple roles and identities, heightened sensitivity, negotiating livelihood with artistic calling, and relationship to self and others.



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