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Welcome to my psychotherapy practice. I am glad you are here and I invite you to take a look around.


Whether you are considering entering therapy due to emotional distress, loss, or feelings of inadequacy and self-judgement, I recognize you as a whole person who comes with a rich and varied tapestry of lived experiences in the world. I am interested in learning about who you are when you feel aligned with yourself so that we can grow the parts of you that feel most alive, creative, and connected in the world.


Given that pain, grief and suffering are also part of our human experience, how do we come into more compassionate relationship with these aspects of our life as well?


Together, we will explore with curiosity how emotional distress may be rooted in patterns of relational experience, past and present, and impacted by one's social and cultural context. Through collaborative conversation, I invite space for deeper awareness and insight, ultimately increasing your capacity to relate to your experiences from a place of personal wisdom within yourself.


It is a privilege to accompany you on this exploration to better understand the dynamics between your internal world and the external world. Through the safety and respect of the therapeutic relationship, you will come to better know your feelings, desires and needs, ultimately to strengthen trust in your own intuition and enact authentic change in your life.

"Being in the presence of Eva one feels a profound depth of care for the soul. You have an immediate ally. Her insight and guidance helps you navigate through stuck places, growing trust in your intuition and increased capacity for open-hearted living. If you are looking for a therapist with wisdom and warmth, I highly recommend Eva."

Dr. Heather Mann

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